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Jul 29

Screen shot of the blue screen of death

Nobody knows for sure where exactly the term “yellow light of death” but it appears to stem from symptom on windows computers that crashed leaving the user with a blue screen and ominous error code, the blue screen somehow coined the term BSOD or “blue screen of death” since then many electronic items that display some kind of visual signal before failure has acquired it’s own rehash of the blue screen of death one of the most popular is 3 red lights of death or 3RLOD as many Xbox 360 owners called it.

PS3 with the yellow light of death

The yellow light of death term was born when PS3 gamers started noticing a failure of their console and the only sign before failing was a flashing yellow light upon start up of the console. I’m sure we will see many more of the xyz of death terms as we become more dependant on these must have gadgets.

If you already have this fault I recommend getting fixed with a diy yellow light repair guide.

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