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Jul 29

Good idea to backup your game saves

One of the biggest complaints about the yellow light fault is that it’s bad enough that your console has failed and you can no longer play your favourite games or anything else for that matter but an extra depressing fact is that all your saves games are stuck on your hard drive and unless you go to a quality repair centre you may never get them back, all those hours of game play for nothing.

If  Sony replace your console with a refurbished console = loose game saves

If you put your old hard drive into a new console it gets wiped = loose game saves

You can’t backup your save games when your console has Ylod, you can only do this before it’s packed up.

In addition to your game saves being lost it’s also likely that you have a disc stuck in the PS3 and you can’t get that out either.

If your in this awful situation it’s recommend that you go to a quality repairer like Consolewerks who can fix your console, keep your game saves and return the game stuck inside = Good times

Alternatively you can perform a diy repair which will restore your console to a working condition.

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