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Oct 28

PS3 with the yellow light of death

The Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) indicates that there may be problems with the console motherboard. If you see it for the first time, don’t panic. The damage may not be permanent. Overheating of the console can cause the solders to loosen, resulting in broken or faulty connections in the board. The best first aid is to give your console a rest. Wait for twenty minutes to one hour before restarting your PS3.

However, about 2 every 1000 units of the PlayStation 3 are reported to have fatal cases of YLOD. There have been reports of the error since 2007, when the console first stormed the international market. There is no doubt that the machine processor and graphic cards are top of the line. However, it seems that the hardware cannot withstand overheating. The damage is usually caused by the melting of solders. This results in broken or short circuits. However, this problem does not mean that Sony manufacture PS3 units of poor hardware quality.

Recently, the company released a slim version of the console. To maximize the number of buyers and profit, Sony had to reduce the cost of materials. At the same time, they had to improve the machine’s motherboard to lessen cases of Yellow Light. However, the 0.2% chance of YLOD—no matter how small—persisted.

Then what can be done to prevent YLOD?

The PS3, like a personal computer and other consoles, is not designed to overheat. There is an allowable temperature and hours of gameplay. After about 10 hours of continuous gameplay or watching, give the console at least an hour of rest. Needless to say, playing straight beyond ten hours is detrimental to your health.

Proper ventilation can also help prevent motherboard problems. Give at least one foot clearance for every side of the console. Position it away from the television or any other electronic appliance. It is also recommended to play at air-conditioned rooms. If you don’t have an air conditioner, have a fan dedicated to cooling the PS3. If you want to attach auxiliary fans, purchase only from Sony retailers. Secondary fans from other parties may negatively affect the power usage of the console. Some fans even spin in the reverse direction, which causes conflict with the built-in fans. Finally, always remove the accumulated dust from the rear vents.

Next, avoid electric and physical shocks to your PS3. Improper voltage and electrical surge may damage the motherboard. Worse, they can fry the important components, transistors and chips. Always be sure that you are plugging your unit to the right voltage outlet. Do not use other cables, AVRs and adapters, except for the ones provided by Sony. Next, while keeping the unit in vertical position is good for ventilation, it makes the console more vulnerable to toppling down. You may use stands and accessories so that the console can stand safely. Needless to say, never ever drop the unit because it can break the solders and the board itself. If you need to transport with the machine, use a safe-carry bag.

If your unfortunate enough to have the yellow light of death you can repair it at home by using this ylod repair guide

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