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Nov 06

Side view of the bga package

The PlayStation 3 is Sony’s latest generation console, which allows powerful graphics and game processing. With its price, the last thing the owners want to see is the “Light of Death” signal. If there are hardware errors, the LED beneath the power button of the console flashes a solid red or yellow light. If the unit is still covered by Sony’s warranty, just send it to them for repair. However, if you are already outside the warranty period, repairs from the company can be very costly. Fortunately, there are affordable red and yellow light repair options.

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Jul 29

Screen shot of the blue screen of death

Nobody knows for sure where exactly the term “yellow light of death” but it appears to stem from symptom on windows computers that crashed leaving the user with a blue screen and ominous error code, the blue screen somehow coined the term BSOD or “blue screen of death” since then many electronic items that display some kind of Continue reading »

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