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May 18

PlayStation 3 Slim Models / Variations

Slim models and identification

Version 1 CECH 2003 B

Version 2 CECH 2103 A

Version 2.1 CECH 2503 A

Version 3 CECH 3003 A

Last digit of the four digits indicates region code as with other previous PlayStation products. These models are all from the UK indicated by the 3.

The A / B variation at the end of each model indicates the hard drive size in that console. Either xxxxA = 120Gb Hard Drive or xxxxB = 250Gb and know doubt bigger drives will be released in the future.

PS3 Slim Version 1 CECH 2003 B

Power / Eject Button: DSW-001 / 1-880-056-11

Power Supply Unit: APS250 Output 12v 18a / 5.5v 0.9a

Disc Drive: MS1B and also these models are the same M52, M53. It has intergated logic board (BMD 051) and requires data & power cables.

Laser: KES-450 (Twin lens laser)

Mainboard: DYN-001 / 1-880-055-31

Cooling Fan: Delta Electronics KFB1012HE or Nidec 0520T1 G10C12MS2AH

Hard Drive: 250Gb Capacity

PS3 Slim Version 2 CECH 2103 A

Power / Eject Button: HSW-001 / 1-881-946-2

Power Supply Unit: EADP-200B Output 12v 16a / 5.5v 0.9a

Disc Drive: FX52 has as intergated logic board (BMD 065) and requires data & power cables.

Laser: KES-450 (Twin lens laser)

Mainboard: SVR-001 / 1-881-945-11

Cooling Fan: Nidec 0520T1 G10C12MS2AH

Hard Drive: 120Gb Capacity

PS3 Slim Version 2.1 CECH 2503 A

Power / Eject Button: HSW-001 / 1-881-946-2

Power Supply Unit: EADP-200B Output 12v 16a / 5.5v 0.9a

Disc Drive: FX71, FX73-1, FX77-2 No intergrated logic board.

Laser: KES-450 (Twin lens laser)

Mainboard: tbc

Cooling Fan: Nidec 0520T1 G10C12MS2AH

Hard Drive: 120Gb Capacity

PS3 Slim Version 3 CECH 3003 B

Power / Eject Button: KSW-001 / 1-884-751-31

Power Supply Unit: APS-306 Output 12v 16a / 5.5v 0.9a

Disc Drive: FX81 No intergrated logic board.

Laser: KES-450 (Twin lens laser)

Mainboard: KTE-001 / 1-884-749-31

Cooling Fan: Nidec 1629R1 G80E12NS12N 56J14

Hard Drive: 250Gb Capacity

Article Source: PS3 Slim Versions

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Mar 06

Just like the old bulky style PS3 console the slim has a secret hidden function
that only a few people know about.

This secret test allows you to run the consoles fan upto full speed and this helps blow out some of the dust trapped inside your console.

The full speed fan test also reveals any potential problems with your consoles fan such knocking, grinding or balance issues; for example if a fan blade had broken off.

Here’s how to perform the fan test & self clean step by step

1) Power up your console normally (press power/standby button) and remove any games inside the unit.

2) Power down the console normally using the power button.

3) Unplug the mains power cord from the back of the console.

4) Hold the eject button down and plug the mains cable back into your console.

5) The console will power straight up and you’ll hear the fan spinning at full speed.

6) The ps3 will shut down after 15 seconds.

7) Unplug the mains power cable from the back and plug back in after a few seconds.

8) You can now start up your console normally.

Congratulations you’ve just completed the PS3 slim fan test & self clean process.

The video below shows the same process.

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Mar 05


If you’re looking to protect the hard earned cash you’ve invested into your PS3 slim console you’ll want to follow these few simple tips to extend the life of your machine.

It’s likely that this slim console is your second PS3 console, as many other PS3 owners have had to upgrade from their bulky units due to over-heating or other faults.

Here’s what you can do to extend the life of your PS3 slim console.

1) Never leave it on when not it use. Kids are the worst for this before bedtime, playing a game late into the night and then zzzz zzzz zzzz. The console is often left running for a 8 hour stretch and not that’s not good.

2) Give your console a break every now and then. Your PS3 console can runs for 12 hours but your putting lots of stress on the components, giving your console a break after every few hours will help increase its lifespan and yours. Continue reading »

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Feb 22

If you want to get best visual experience from your PlayStation 3 you’ll need a HDTV and a good quality HDMI cable or Component lead.

In this article I’ll be focusing on HDMI cables and explain a little about them, so that you can get the best from your gaming setup.

Here’s a few common questions you may have regarding AV cables and your PS3.

Does the PS3 come with a HDMI cable?

No, the PlayStation 3 does not come with a HDMI cable. The console is sold with a standard definition scart lead, I guess to ensure compatiblity with tv’s! You’ll need to buy a new cable if you want the full HD Experience.

Aren’t all HDMI cables the same?

Yes and No, all produced cables are supposed to meet certain hdmi specifications but this leads to manufactors building the cable as they interpret the specs. Some cables are certified with a hdmi license and these are generally considered to be of a better quality. Continue reading »

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Jun 16

In this short guide I’ll explain a few different methods of how you can reduce the noise of your PS3 fan. Loud & Noisy fans have plagued PS3 owners for too long and its time to take action against this problem.

All these tips and many more can be found in the PS3 Repair Manual

1) Dust & Dirt

Your console is making a loud noise during operation and is caused by a build up of dust and dirt within the PS3 console, typically these symptoms will occur on older games consoles but can often happen after just a few months of operation of new consoles depending on their location in the home.


Regular vacuuming around the outside of the console and particularly the vents on the front, sides and the rear of the console. It’s also a good idea to keep the surfaces around the console free of dust and vacuuming is recommended once or twice a month depending on the time spent playing the ps3 console. Small hand held vacuum cleaners are best suited to this job and can be found here: Continue reading »

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May 23

In this short guide I’ll explain how to test your PS3 fan to make sure its working properly, this test can also help blow out lots of the dust from within your console. This method only works for 40gb consoles although some people have reported that it also works on other models, my best advice is to try it on your console it will either work or it will do nothing. It will not cause any damage to your console, however just to be on the safe side; I accept no liability for you or your console after you follow these instructions.

All these tips and many more can be found in the PS3 Repair Manual

What is the PS3 Fan Test?

The ps3 fan test is a special test mode built into the console at the factory and it’s for the purpose of testing and clearing the fan / console from dust and dirt that has built up within the console. When the test is performed the playstation 3 console runs the cooling fan at full power until stopped by the user. Continue reading »

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Apr 19

If you’re looking to extend the life of your PS3 console and help prevent the yellow light of death, your console will need some extra cooling. By keeping your console cool you’ll be putting less stress on the components and this makes them last much longer than normal.

But doesn’t the PS3 already have a cooling fan? Yes, but frankly its not very good and Sony had to make some compromises on the quality due to a limited amount of space, this means that the factory cooling solution is not the best and it can also be very noisy.

You can increase the lifespan of your PlayStation 3 by adding a external fan or by replacing the original internal fan with a upgraded version.

Below are some of the most popular ps3 cooling fan solutions.

PS3 External USB Cooling Fan

ps3 usb cooling fan

This fan is a very simple design and plugs into the usb port on the front of your console, it provides additional cooling by pushing air through the vent on the front of the console. It’s four independent fan design is compact and very easy to use, and includes a power switch on the fan itself so can be turned on /off independently of the console.
Buy online / Read more about this fan(See all PS3 Accessories) Continue reading »

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Nov 06

Side view of the bga package

The PlayStation 3 is Sony’s latest generation console, which allows powerful graphics and game processing. With its price, the last thing the owners want to see is the “Light of Death” signal. If there are hardware errors, the LED beneath the power button of the console flashes a solid red or yellow light. If the unit is still covered by Sony’s warranty, just send it to them for repair. However, if you are already outside the warranty period, repairs from the company can be very costly. Fortunately, there are affordable red and yellow light repair options.

Continue reading »

Nov 04

PS3 console in upright position

The YLOD or the Yellow Light of Death is the most feared LED signal that a PlayStation 3 can give. It means that you have a problem with the motherboard. In contrast, the flashing of red light means that there is a “general” hardware failure. Red light may mean that there are errors in cable connection, or your hard drive can be broken. The appearance of yellow light is a much worse case, since it means that there is something wrong with the heart of your console.

The YLOD is comparable to a personal computer’s Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and an Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death (RROD). If you want to avoid this dreaded error, you must do the following to take care of your PS3: Continue reading »

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Nov 02

Doctor showing how to prevent red light

The yellow light of death or YLOD is probably the most dreaded light signal that a PlayStation 3 unit can give. It may happen unexpectedly. You may be playing peacefully when, all of a sudden, the screen blanks out. After immediately trying to turn it on, the LED just beneath the power button turns yellow. Nothing appears on your screen. This may be an indication of hardware failure. More often, there are chances that after a few hours of rest, your PS3 unit may work again. However, the yellow light may persist and the unit may not start-up again.

Continue reading »

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