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Jun 16

In this short guide I’ll explain a few different methods of how you can reduce the noise of your PS3 fan. Loud & Noisy fans have plagued PS3 owners for too long and its time to take action against this problem.

All these tips and many more can be found in the PS3 Repair Manual

1) Dust & Dirt

Your console is making a loud noise during operation and is caused by a build up of dust and dirt within the PS3 console, typically these symptoms will occur on older games consoles but can often happen after just a few months of operation of new consoles depending on their location in the home.


Regular vacuuming around the outside of the console and particularly the vents on the front, sides and the rear of the console. It’s also a good idea to keep the surfaces around the console free of dust and vacuuming is recommended once or twice a month depending on the time spent playing the ps3 console. Small hand held vacuum cleaners are best suited to this job and can be found here:

small hand held vaccum

In addition to regular maintenance of your console you should consider giving your console a thorough clean out once every few months with a can of compressed air, spraying the air into the front and side vents will eject most dust & dirt from the rear of the ps3 unit and help keep your console in top condition. You can purchase a can of compressed air here and a can will normally last 6 months to a year.

can of compressed air

2) Clearance, Ambient Temperature

Clearance and ambient temperatures are often overlooked as a cause of noisy ps3 fans, but these factors probably cause about 25% of loud / noisy fans.


Provide adequate space all around the console, you should have at least 5 inches of clear space on the front, sides and rear of the console. You should also have plenty of clear space above the console to allow heat to disperse away from the console. Many PlayStation 3 owners have claimed great reductions in fan noise by raising the console slightly off the bottom surface, tuna cans are a common favourite for this little trick. Place two or three cans under the console to lift it up about 1 inch, this allows for better airflow and heat dispersion from the console.

3) Defective Fan

Your fan can become defective after any amount of time and although most last years some people have found them to fail prematurely, the bearing system and fan blades can often break leaving you with a noisey ps3 console. If you fan is not working properly you may find that your console is over heating and shutting down in conjunction with making grinding sounds.


Replacing the fan is the best option under these circumstances, fortunately D.I.Y fan repairs and very common and can be done by the novice DIY-er without to much of a problem. You’ll need a T10 screwdriver and philips screwdriver to get the console open and get the repair carried out.

philips screwdriver

Open your console and determine the model of your fan by the sticker on the centre on the fan unit, purchase a replacement fan unit or upgrade it to a 19 blade version to help keep your console running super cool and in tip top condition.

15 Blade Internal Cooling Fan for all PS3 consoles

15 blade ps3 cooling fan

19 Blade Upgraded Cooling Fan for PS3 console

PS3 Internal 19 Blade Cooling Fan

These three solutions will help most ps3 owners solve their noisy fan problems, if you’ve had a similar experience or solved your own loud fan problem please share your method using the comment box below.

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