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Nov 06

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The PlayStation 3 is Sony’s latest generation console, which allows powerful graphics and game processing. With its price, the last thing the owners want to see is the “Light of Death” signal. If there are hardware errors, the LED beneath the power button of the console flashes a solid red or yellow light. If the unit is still covered by Sony’s warranty, just send it to them for repair. However, if you are already outside the warranty period, repairs from the company can be very costly. Fortunately, there are affordable red and yellow light repair options.

A red LED means that there is a “general hardware error.” Most of the time, the signal is caused by hard drive (HD) problems. Like personal computers and other consoles, the sectors of the PS3 hard disk can be destroyed or corrupted. Power surges and physical impact may damage the hard disk. However, it is very unlikely to have a permanent damage to the hard disk. Most of the time, you don’t need a red or yellow light repair for this one. Just reset the console or wait for 30 minutes before restarting it.

PS3 hard drives are designed to last millions of hours and cycles. With the HD’s specifications, you can run it straight for 100 years without cycle errors—given that there is no power surge or external shock. The worst damage that a red light may indicate is HD corruption. You can join online forums of PlayStation 3 users to know how to reformat your drive. However, you will lose all your saved media, games and progress.

Between the two problems, the yellow light is the more fearsome signal. It is usually called the YLOD or the Yellow Screen of Death, which is analogous to the Red Ring of Death (RROD) of the Xbox 360. Yellow means that the hardware problem is on the console’s motherboard. If the damage is severe, particularly on essential components, no yellow light repair can restore it. The components need to be replaced.

But do not panic just yet. The YLOD can be a temporary motherboard breakdown. Same with treating red light problems, just turn of the console and let it rest for 30 to 60 minutes before restarting. Too much heat causes the metal and soldered components of the motherboard to expand. Sometimes, heat can partially melt them. If you will allow the board to cool down, the components can return to their stable states. Non-repairable damage includes fried processors and broken chips, which can be caused by thunderbolt or dropping of the unit. However, these are not likely to happen.

If resting and restarting fail to do the trick, you may need other yellow light repair options. There are forums, communities and companies in the internet that offer guides on DIY (do it yourself) Yellow Light Repair. Fortunately, many of these homebrew repairs do not require expertise in electronics. In some cases, you will only have to use screw drivers, white glue, fan and blow dryer. For both free and paid guides, it is recommended to read reviews and user feedback before doing them. Ask friends if the non-conventional method is effective and follow instructions carefully.

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  1. In my opinion Playstation 3 is still the best console available….i can’t wait for Playstation 4

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