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May 23

In this short guide I’ll explain how to test your PS3 fan to make sure its working properly, this test can also help blow out lots of the dust from within your console. This method only works for 40gb consoles although some people have reported that it also works on other models, my best advice is to try it on your console it will either work or it will do nothing. It will not cause any damage to your console, however just to be on the safe side; I accept no liability for you or your console after you follow these instructions.

All these tips and many more can be found in the PS3 Repair Manual

What is the PS3 Fan Test?

The ps3 fan test is a special test mode built into the console at the factory and it’s for the purpose of testing and clearing the fan / console from dust and dirt that has built up within the console. When the test is performed the playstation 3 console runs the cooling fan at full power until stopped by the user.

How to perform the PS3 fan test:

1) Starting from a normal powered on condition (green light) of the console, remove any discs inside the console.

2) Press the power button on the front of the console and wait for the ps3 to return to standby mode (red light).

3) Turn off the ps3 console using the main power rocker switch at the back of the console.

4) Hold the eject button on the front of the console and then turn the rocker switch back on at the rear of the console.

5) Your console will fire up and immediately run the fan at full speed and power, I don’t recommend running the fan like this for more than 30 seconds.

6) You can shut the console down in the normal manner, or use the rocker switch on the back for a instant shut down of the console.

This test is a great way to check airflow though the console, measure fan noise levels, or test alternative cooling solutions compared with the original factory fitted fans.

If your having over heating problems I recommend checking out these excellent ps3 cooling solutions that will help reduce noise and keep your ps3 running for longer without all those nasty problems that plague so many other gamers.

PS3 Fan Test Video

I found this video on youtube and it gives a quick overview of how to do the ps3 fan test.

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