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Nov 04

PS3 console in upright position

The YLOD or the Yellow Light of Death is the most feared LED signal that a PlayStation 3 can give. It means that you have a problem with the motherboard. In contrast, the flashing of red light means that there is a “general” hardware failure. Red light may mean that there are errors in cable connection, or your hard drive can be broken. The appearance of yellow light is a much worse case, since it means that there is something wrong with the heart of your console.

The YLOD is comparable to a personal computer’s Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and an Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death (RROD). If you want to avoid this dreaded error, you must do the following to take care of your PS3:

First, make sure that you use the original power adapters and cables provided by Sony. The automatic voltage regulator (AVR) will protect your unit from power surges and fluctuations. Surges may harm the circuitry of your PS3. Sometimes, they may even cause permanent damage by burning processors and transistors. Even if the console is protected by power fluctuations from the inside, you must connect it to surge protectors, even to a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) unit if you have one.

Secondly, give your PS3 a break every few hours of playing. Overheating is any console’s mortal enemy. YLOD can be caused by faulty or broken connections, which are caused by melted solders. It will be good for the console and your health if you will stop at least 30 minutes every 2-3 hours of playing. Let yourself and your unit breathe and cool down.

Heating can be countered by proper ventilation. It is advised to put your PS3 on its vertical position and not to put it beneath the television. However, be careful if you have pets or housemates that can topple the console. Give clearance to all the sides of the console, and clean it regularly with mini-vacuum brushes. The problem will be greatly minimized if your room is air-conditioned. Do not install auxiliary fans to the unit if they are not from Sony. They may interfere with the PlayStation’s power supply. If the auxiliary fans rotate opposite to the direction of built-in fans, the built-in fans can be destroyed.

Finally, if the YLOD is already flashing beneath the power button, weigh your options carefully. You don’t have a problem if it is still covered by the warranty period. But if the warranty period is over, Sony’s services may gravely hurt your wallet. If you don’t have experience in electronics and engineering, do not even think of manually re-soldering the motherboard.

It is advised to look for text and video repair guides in the internet. Many companies offer DVDs and homebrew solutions at an affordable price. You can also search for forums of PS3 users’ communities where solutions to YLOD can be found. But before purchasing any guide or applying any method, read on reviews and feedbacks to guarantee your money, and the life of your PlayStation 3.

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