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Mar 06

Just like the old bulky style PS3 console the slim has a secret hidden function
that only a few people know about.

This secret test allows you to run the consoles fan upto full speed and this helps blow out some of the dust trapped inside your console.

The full speed fan test also reveals any potential problems with your consoles fan such knocking, grinding or balance issues; for example if a fan blade had broken off.

Here’s how to perform the fan test & self clean step by step

1) Power up your console normally (press power/standby button) and remove any games inside the unit.

2) Power down the console normally using the power button.

3) Unplug the mains power cord from the back of the console.

4) Hold the eject button down and plug the mains cable back into your console.

5) The console will power straight up and you’ll hear the fan spinning at full speed.

6) The ps3 will shut down after 15 seconds.

7) Unplug the mains power cable from the back and plug back in after a few seconds.

8) You can now start up your console normally.

Congratulations you’ve just completed the PS3 slim fan test & self clean process.

The video below shows the same process.

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Jun 16

In this short guide I’ll explain a few different methods of how you can reduce the noise of your PS3 fan. Loud & Noisy fans have plagued PS3 owners for too long and its time to take action against this problem.

All these tips and many more can be found in the PS3 Repair Manual

1) Dust & Dirt

Your console is making a loud noise during operation and is caused by a build up of dust and dirt within the PS3 console, typically these symptoms will occur on older games consoles but can often happen after just a few months of operation of new consoles depending on their location in the home.


Regular vacuuming around the outside of the console and particularly the vents on the front, sides and the rear of the console. It’s also a good idea to keep the surfaces around the console free of dust and vacuuming is recommended once or twice a month depending on the time spent playing the ps3 console. Small hand held vacuum cleaners are best suited to this job and can be found here: Continue reading »

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May 23

In this short guide I’ll explain how to test your PS3 fan to make sure its working properly, this test can also help blow out lots of the dust from within your console. This method only works for 40gb consoles although some people have reported that it also works on other models, my best advice is to try it on your console it will either work or it will do nothing. It will not cause any damage to your console, however just to be on the safe side; I accept no liability for you or your console after you follow these instructions.

All these tips and many more can be found in the PS3 Repair Manual

What is the PS3 Fan Test?

The ps3 fan test is a special test mode built into the console at the factory and it’s for the purpose of testing and clearing the fan / console from dust and dirt that has built up within the console. When the test is performed the playstation 3 console runs the cooling fan at full power until stopped by the user. Continue reading »

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Nov 06

Side view of the bga package

The PlayStation 3 is Sony’s latest generation console, which allows powerful graphics and game processing. With its price, the last thing the owners want to see is the “Light of Death” signal. If there are hardware errors, the LED beneath the power button of the console flashes a solid red or yellow light. If the unit is still covered by Sony’s warranty, just send it to them for repair. However, if you are already outside the warranty period, repairs from the company can be very costly. Fortunately, there are affordable red and yellow light repair options.

Continue reading »

Oct 30

What is YLOD?

YLOD or Yellow Light of Death is the most feared LED signal from the PlayStation 3. The solid yellow light beneath the on-off button means that there is a hardware problem with the console’s motherboard. In contrast, a red blinking light means that there is a problem with your hard drive. Motherboard failure is more feared, since the board holds the processor and graphic cards of the PS3. The most common cause of motherboard damage is overheating. Continue reading »

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Jul 29

Good idea to backup your game saves

One of the biggest complaints about the yellow light fault is that it’s bad enough that your console has failed and you can no longer play your favourite games or anything else for that matter but an extra depressing fact is that all your saves games are stuck on your hard drive and unless you go to a quality repair centre you may never get them back, all those hours of game play for nothing. Continue reading »

Jul 29

Doctor showing how to prevent red light

Okay, so you have a PS3 and the last thing you want to see in the dreaded yellow light of death. Here are a few basic things you can do to help keep your PS3 in tip top condition.

All these tips and many more can be found in the PS3 Repair Manual

1)      Keep your console in a vertical position (standing up), this helps dust & dirt stay in the bottom of your console. The only slight problem here is that the PS3 can be easily knocked over so it’s not ideal if you have small kids or pets. Continue reading »

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Jul 28

PS3 with the yellow light of death

Many things contribute to a severe failure of the PlayStation 3 with the symptoms

often being described as the yellow light of death or YLOD. People are describing

what they are actually seeing when trying to start up the PS3 console.

These are the symptoms:-

When pressing the power button on the front of the console, the console will start to power up and the consoles power light will change from red (standby) to green (power on) but a second later the light changes to a flashing yellow colour followed by a few audible beeps from the console, at this point the console shuts down. The yellow light continues to flash and the console cannot be powered up unless you turn off the console at the back, the resets the console so you can try to power up the console a second time.

Repair your PS3 today using the Yellow Light Repair Guide

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