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Mar 05


If you’re looking to protect the hard earned cash you’ve invested into your PS3 slim console you’ll want to follow these few simple tips to extend the life of your machine.

It’s likely that this slim console is your second PS3 console, as many other PS3 owners have had to upgrade from their bulky units due to over-heating or other faults.

Here’s what you can do to extend the life of your PS3 slim console.

1) Never leave it on when not it use. Kids are the worst for this before bedtime, playing a game late into the night and then zzzz zzzz zzzz. The console is often left running for a 8 hour stretch and not that’s not good.

2) Give your console a break every now and then. Your PS3 console can runs for 12 hours but your putting lots of stress on the components, giving your console a break after every few hours will help increase its lifespan and yours.

3) Always keep the console in a well ventilated area. Too often consoles are jammed into tiny spaces and packed all around with games and DVDs, the console has no space to breath and will over heat. Give your console plenty of space and make sure the hot air from your console has some place to escape.

Nyko Intercooler for ps3 slim

4) Add some extra cooling. You can help keep your ps3 console running cool for longer if you use some extra cooling fans either near your console or as a add-on to the console itself.

A regular house hold desktop fan will help keep cool air on and around the ps3 console, though the downside is that its bulky and independent of your ps3.

A better option is to use a clip on intercooler fan designed specifically for your ps3 slim console.

I recommend this one below by Nyko who are well respected in the console accessories market and make many products for all the top consoles.

Nyko Intercooler Slim for PS3

Nyko intercooler rear image

This fan has a very simple & effective design and clips onto the back of your console, then just plug in your mains power lead and set the fan speed using the toggle switch to your preference.

The Nyko intercooler includes 3 small but powerful fans that work together to reduce the ambient air temperature and they do this pretty quietly when compared to the old bulky ps3 noise levels.

This ps3 intercooler can be used with the ps3 slim in either the horizontal or vertical positions, and only adds a few inches to the back of the console when attached.

This fan has a auto power off function due the design using the same mains cable as your console. Though its worth noting that you should turn off remote play to ensure the console and fan fully power down.

In summary the Nyko Intercooler fan for ps3 slim is the best cooling option right now compared with other fan options available in the market. The fan is priced to suit all budgets and a worthwhile investment to help protect your games console.

Get yourself the Nyko Intercooler here.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, please leave any questions or comments below.


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